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Welcome to the Canterbury Gun Dog Club, the oldest gundog club in New Zealand.

We are a community of passionate working gundog enthusiasts based in Christchurch. Our club was founded in 1933 by a group of like-minded individuals who were dedicated to improving the standard of all breeds of working gun dog.


At the Canterbury Gun Dog Club, we run training days and field trials for gundogs of all breeds and ages.

Our field trials simulate a hunting environment and are held locally three times a year. Dogs and handlers compete in a friendly and supportive environment, with members ranging from active hunters to gundog pet owners who want to extend their dog's abilities.

We also hold training club days every other month for beginner dogs and handlers as well as senior field triallists. Our training days and novice trials use dummies and cold game for retrieving and live-homing pigeons for range/flush events. We use blank shots to simulate the firing of a gun, so your dog can get used to the sound in a safe environment.

Our club adheres to the old and well-proven adage that "birds make a bird dog." While field trialling cannot make an average dog into a great hunting dog, it will always make them a better hunting companion. Your dog will learn discipline, self-control, and how to work with you as a team.

This will not only make your dog a pleasure to hunt with but also a better companion at home.


Something for everyone

We welcome new members and dogs of all abilities. Whether you are a seasoned handler or just starting, we invite you to join us and be a part of our community.

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